What to Bring to the Workshop

  • Camera, Battery and Memory Card
  • Tripod
  • 70-200mm or 85mm or 100mm Lens
  • Your Laptop / Charger / Card Reader
  • Activated and Working Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Create Free SquareSpace account 1 week before the workshop and get familiarized with it. We'll do the rest.
  • Create Free Square Merchant Account* (Moshe's recommended)
  • Pre-Bought Headshot Business Domain (GoDaddy recommended)*

Please make sure you have all your login information to your website/domain registrant and email admin. The quicker you have access to it, the faster we can help you set up all the little details.



Q: Is the model of my camera supported for tethering?

A: Lightroom supports Canon & Nikon - if you use any other camera manufacturer- please contact the manufacturer's tech support and ask for help with tethering. You'll need to confirm that you have the right software and cable.

: Do I need professional experience?

A: You need to have basic knowledge of your camera's functionality and how to use a computer.

Q: Will you feed me?

A: Yes! We'll have coffee, snacks and provide a full lunch. Vegetarian options included.

Q: Travel information?

A: There are great hotel and Airbnb options near and in Fairfield, N.J. and the nearest airport is Newark, N.J. (EWR). Uber is great for getting around.

Q: How big will the class be?

A: In order to make this workshop effective, this class will have a very limited guest list of less than 12.