Headshot Bootcamp Workshop by Moshe Zusman and Vanessa Joy

48 Hours to Bring Your Business to Life.

The most comprehensive, hands-on, from A-Z headshots workshop!

48 Hours to Bring Your Business to Life

Are you ready to learn about the headshot business? Want to do it in 48 hours or less?

This is for you.

Welcome to the first headshot workshop that will walk you through step-by-step how to build a business from start to finish, or improve the one you already have, by the time you leave.

With social media at its peak, everyone, from corporate and healthcare professionals to yoga teachers and Etsy Shop owners, needs to have a current headshot in place. Headshots are a viable and repeating client business.

Get your headshot business ready for the booming market.

OCT 22-24, 2017 - CLICK TO SIGN UP!

October 22-24, 2017 - Adorama, New York, NY
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Why this Workshop?

You've been to workshops before. Sit, write, learn, get inspired and then do absolutely nothing about it when you get home.

What a waste.

This workshop is the opposite. You WILL WORK at this workshop experience. You have the option to do just one, two or all three workshop days.

You'll create a full headshot portfolio, build your website, implement a marketing plan and leave with a full blown business in place. Photograph every day clients, face every day challenges and learn how to light any face, not just unrealistic models and pretty people. 


The Guarantee

We can't guarantee that you're going to make a million dollars after this class because we can't control what you do after your leave. What we do know is that this workshop will take the daunting task of creating a new business and walk you through it in just 48 hours. Your photography skills and website will be ready for you to easily book business and create beautiful headshots for your clients. We DO guarantee that you will work your butt off and you will leave this workshop inspired and ready to kick ass.

To top it off you'll be added to a secret Facebook Group with other bootcamp-ers which will give you post-workshop support and help you find a rooming buddy for the workshop if you'd like. Not to mention other promos and swag from our sponsors below.

Don't take our word for it!

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Workshop Details

Evening Session (the night before Day 1)

FREE for everyone!

We've added a free night-before class, topic and size limit varying per location, thanks to our sponsors supporting what we do. Rest assured it will be chock full of information. Your pen will be burning through your notes pages!



  • Everything You Need To Know About
    • Marketing and Website Building
    • SEO
    • Targeted Advertising
    • Social Media


  • Build Your Website
  • Schedule Social Media
  • Create an Advertising Plan
  • Implement Networking Plan
  • Launch Your Business and Pop the Champange!



  • Everything You Need To Know About
    • Shooting Headshot Photography
    • Editing Your Portfolio
    • Retouching Headshots


  • Multiple Shooting Bays
  • Photograph at Least 10 Faces
  • Lighting Ratios and Techniques
  • Posing
  • Easy Setups for Different Types of Headshots
  • Gear Setup From Start to Finish


What to Bring to the Workshop


Camera, Battery and Memory Card
70-200mm or 85mm or 100mm Lens
Your Laptop / Charger / Card Reader
Activated and Working Adobe Lightroom
Create Free SquareSpace Account
Create Free SquareUp Merchant Account (recommended)*
Pre-Bought Headshot Business Domain (GoDaddy recommended)*


Please make sure you have all your login information to your website/domain registrant and email admin. The quicker you have access to it, the faster we can help you set up all the little details.




Q: Do I need professional experience?

A: You need to have basic knowledge of your camera's functionality and how to use a computer.

Q: Will you feed me?

A: Yes! We'll have coffee, snacks and provide a full lunch. Vegetarian, gluten free and Kosher options included.

Q: Travel information?

A: There are usually great hotel and Airbnb options near all workshop locations. Uber is typically great for getting around as well.

Q: How big will the class be?

A: In order to make this workshop effective, this class will have a very limited guest list of only 10 seats. Our goal is to give you only a 1 to 5 teacher student ratio so you have unlimited access to us.


Your Instructors

Moshe Zusman - A leading headshot photographer in the DC area spending his days capturing images for professionals ranging from lawyers and actors to multi-billion dollar companies and CEOs. He is a national industry speaker appearing at events throughout the year, including WPPI, PDN PhotoPlus, ImagingUSA, ShutterFest and workshops across the country. His students and those he mentors love his approachability and real-life breakdown of photography and business. See his work at www.headshotdc.com.

In the beginning of my photography career I photographed a lot of weddings and events. After my son was born I realized I need to change my work schedule to be more flexible, as well as experiment with something new. I fell in love with headshots and portraits and completely changed my genre from weddings to headshots. After attending some headshot workshops, I realized they all gave me good techniques that helped me developed my style, but none gave any business tips.

That's where the headshot bootcamp was born.

I used my own business sense to take this new venture to the next level. I photographed 12 faces in 1 day and launched a website dedicated to headshots overnight. In 24 hours I had a business that was completely setup and able to take clients on the spot. In the past 2 years this business has become my new “bread and butter” and generates 2.5x more income than when I used to shoot high-end weddings at $10K-$15K a pop. I am thrilled to bring my success story to a workshop that can do the same for others.

Vanessa Joy - A master in marketing and overall business management running a top 5% wedding photography business in the NY/NJ area catering to high-end clientele. Vanessa has spoken at almost every major convention and platform in the photography industry such as CreativeLIVE, The Wedding School, Clickin' Moms, WPPI, ShutterFest, Imaging USA, PPA related conventions and photography conventions around the globe. Recognized for her talent and more so her business sense, her clients love working with her and industry peers love to learn from her generous, informative and open-book style of teaching. See her work at www.VanessaJoy.com and www.NJ-Headshots.com.